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Capo Colonna is an ancient Greek archaeological site located in the East coast of Calabria, 10 km from Croton (Southern Italy).

In ancient times, this area was an important point of reference for many ships on the trade route linking Greece and Asia Minor to Italy across the Ionian Sea. For this reason, the seabed, in some cases at a rather low depth, presents several wrecks of large Roman cargo ships (sunk either due to adverse weather and sea conditions or the presence of reefs), and some significant remains of port and mining facilities, dating back to the period of Greek domination, are submerged as a result of the effects of coastal subsidence. 

In particular, in 1986, in the Punta Scifo bay (at a depth of 7 m), the archaeological remains of a large Roman Empire ship were discovered and then documented. The so-called “Punta Scifo D” shipwreck, still set for sailing, carried a load of raw or semi-finished marble products of considerable size. The shipwreck is not currently visible on the seafloor, probably because it has been completely destroyed from erosion and/or marine currents. However, a specific study made on the cargo materials demonstrated that probably it was sailing from the island of Marmara (Turkey) and its dimensions were not less than 40 m in length and 14 m wide.